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In their dark luxurious caves museums store artifacts of memory. When we enter a bright museum room, our gaze falls upon things the museums themselves want to keep in memory.

So, what is it all about? What conclusions are we supposed to draw? Whose pottery fragments are these? What do we know about the vase’s owner? Why was it dropped so as to burst into fragments? What was the purpose of dressing the horses? How were people making gold out of mud? What higher powers did they consider their allies? Were they ever scared? Were they satisfied with their lives which were centered around clay or were bronze teeth really not that bad? 

No matter if they’re far now

В музеях, их темных богатых пещерах, хранятся артефакты памяти. Их яркие залы выносят на свет, для наших глаз, то, что они хотят нам передать. Что же они говорят? Какие мы должны вынести из увиденного мысли? Чьи это черепки? Чем жила та, что держала вазу? Почему ее уронили так, что она разбилась? Зачем они наряжали лошадей? Каким образом превращали грязь в золото? Какие высшие силы были их союзниками? Им было страшно? Их устраивала жизнь вокруг глины или все же действительно так были желанны бронзовые зубы?

The silence looks familiar

We will forget the question

Let’s have it simplified

The answer is not needed. All calculations failed

Transforming into bigger

It’s liquid, maybe blurry

But you can have a look now

Will guide you to conclusions

Rotate around the axis

Arrange those dots in order

We hear you whisper something

Our language is a border

We see you dancing somewhere

This structure seems important. The map that now is shown. The map that was so hidden. We know it’s somewhere near. Let’s try to hide it somewhere.


Someone tried really hard to keep those pieces together

Big grids are made of segments. Those segments come from points. Whoever finds it proper. Eliminate obstructions. Exploring not just thinking.

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Inner School of Open Studies

Inner School of Open Studies is a hermetic, multidisciplinary on-going art project dedicated to the phenomena of memory, connections, and self

Protey Temen

A mixed media artist working with drawings, videos, books and installations. Protey creates abstract visuals to explore and visualize the intersections between science and random visual data utilizing the poetry of everyday life processes

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