Chapter 1

The point, star, and body (Pages 5—73)

The Book. Chapter 2
Particles, rhythm, and materials

The Book. Chapter 3
Attention, data, and superfigures

Exploring the Dust. Chapter 1
Point, star, and body

Exploring the Dust. Chapter 2
Point, star, and body

Exploring the Dust. Chapter 3
Point, star, and body

Value and chances


Inner School
December, 2020

Queens and Princess
February, 2020

Ocean of Memory
August, 2019

Once Ant Climbed into Astronaut’s Ear
Winter, 2016


Compromise between the mind and the conscience
Winter, 2014

Notebooks, albums, and texts available on a desktop version


Attention Span
November 2017, Moscow

Rectangular projects
August 13th, 2017, Berlin

Architecture of Particles
May 2017, Berlin

Formal examples
2017, Berlin

Sound and language
November 24th, 2017, Amsterdam

2016, Moscow

Examples and solutions
October 2016, Moscow

Open Science
May 15th, 2016, Moscow

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