Ocean of Memory

One day there will be no boundary of the corporeal and everything will break down into pure energy. The only thing remaining from the Earth will be one huge ocean shimmering with the waves of former flesh. Only a few birds will survive, freed from the framework of their cages, but not freed from remembering the human language. They will keep flying over the surface of the ocean in order to unsuccessfully seek an island where they could rest. During the flight they will be willing to repeat the words they had heard in the final days of the old world. Without understanding the essence, line by line, like sticky song in an unknown language, in a random order.

Когда-нибудь закончится граница телесного, и все распадется на чистую энергию. От Земли останется лишь один единый океан, переливающийся волнами бывшей плоти. Уцелеют лишь несколько птиц, освобожденных от каркасов своих клеток, но не клеток памяти человеческого языка. Они будут бесконечно лететь над поверхностью океана, чтобы безуспешно найти остров, на котором они смогут отдохнуть. Во время полета им будет хотеться повторять слова, которые они слышали в последнии дни старого мира. В случайном порядке, без понимания сути, строчка за строчкой, как заевшую песню на неизвестном языке.

Our love will melt the coldness

Rectangles will be broken

Assumptions grow inside us

Provisions seem unspoken

Before we see we know it

Traditions disappearing

New networks were expected

Not nothing but just pointless

We dream with eyes wide open

Both hands are pretty busy

Hands holding something heavy

Release the birds we beg you

One day this will be clear

We can’t ignore the moment

For this we have solutions

In solitude around us

We keep our mindset open

The silence looks familiar

Cannot replace us ever

Transforming into bigger

All complications faded

In childhood we remember

This day arises upon us

Few stones embrace our effort

Day grids make a calendar

Few minutes make a whole day

One hour is so tiny

We have more than we needed

Traditions recreated

Our chances pretty decent

We drink the freshest water

In clouds we see figures

Big bell is ringing louder

The grass is almost green now

We calculate the chances

We try to be persistent

Deep under lies the bottom

Upon us objects gather

We celebrate the future

We dream about machines

Through layers goes acceptance

The time is not important

We wish to keep the moment

Enlarge your daily effort

Become who think you are now

Stop making loud noises

Eat fruit and then drink water

Be gentle dude with others

This is what things are made of

This is how we perceive it

This is not really something

Please take a closer look now

We know it’s somewhere near

So we connect the dots now

Impossible to capture

Not easy to explain though

Should we proceed with caution?

Eleven hundred million

Three hundred pieces gathered

Clockwise rotating figures

Another illustration

Example of creation

Example of rotation

Example navigation

At breakfast we have sparkling

Elaborate your request

Embrace collisions happening

Forget if it’s incorrect

Malfunctioning controls chance

The scheme looks almost like that

With this and this and therefore

Our bodies made of pumpkins

This structure seems important

Let’s celebrate this moment

We hear you whisper something

We see you dancing somewhere

We feel you touch each other

Our language is a border

Let’s try to move it slowly

Let’s try to hide it somewhere

Let’s try to make conclusions

Stop hiding this from us please

We use some older techniques

This day is almost over

This night is almost over

This morning never happened

Coincidence programmed

Available by request

Forgetting not exploring

Exploring not just thinking

Eliminate obstructions

Returning back to basics

And let’s repeat importance

Whoever finds it proper

Irrelevant temptation

Which somehow goes further

We realise the pressure

Lost pieces got too puzzled

Forgive us we’re not thinking

Part 2

Who’s first? Who’s third? Who’s second?

Whatever it will bring us

No matter how exposed

Investigate the border

Through overall achievements

Comparison to something

Comparison to new ones

Comparison to former

We do remember something

Rely on subtle measures

There are no perfect measures

There are no perfect rulers

No matter if we’re close now

No matter if they’re far now

Not anything but nothing

Example of two points

Example of three points

Example of connection

Eliminate the distance

Forget about perfect

Release your self-provoking

Obtain few layers over

We celebrate unknown

We point into nothing

Few things still happen faster

That we can even think of

The solid ground of feelings

Premultiplied, divided

We want to know the formats

Of who we are tomorrow

Forget not how to breathe friend

Although you’ve lost already

Although nothing’s around

We have a flexibility

It’s liquid, maybe blurry

It’s maybe disappointing

It’s maybe not a reason

It’s maybe not what you thought of

It’s maybe something other

It’s absolutely perfect

Let’s rearrange the order

We’ll try it once again now

But anyway proceeding

And that would be an answer

There is no proper answer

But searching is relative

It’s based on what you think of

It’s grounded deep and further

We think it doesn’t count

But you can have a look now

Will guide you to conclusions

There is no perfect order

There is no perfect mapping

Please choose coordinates now

And point them to some points

Around them is freespace

Eleven hundred million

In freespace nothing happened

In freespace a connection

In freespace few examples

We will provide examples

Please have some more examples

With no orientation

And severe navigation

Direction variation

Successful integration

Forget if it’s incorrect

How many many many

Things happens at the same time

How later later later

We see them float closely

However this material

Explains a bit of structure

Of solid metastructure

Of fluid metastructure

Of flexi metastructure

Do we conceive the moment?

When something was like we thought

Do we respect the border?

That somehow was like we thought

New times ask for new actions

New action takes our comfort

Proceed here with caution

Proceed here with guidance

Proceed here as normal

How come you see it clear?

How come you are so close now?

How come the points are marked?

The map that now is shown

The map that was so hidden

Rotate around the axis

Elaborate your effort

Please make a proper effort

Do we remember questions?

We don’t remember questions

Do they remember questions?

They don’t remember questions

But who knows all the questions?

Nobody knows the question

Should we then ask a question?

But there are no questions

Part 3

Exciting sense of wonder

Provides result of measures

Uncompromising status

Poetical collision

Metaphor as a highway

Few roads lead to crossing

And crossing leads to sparkle

And sparkle leads to plasma

And plasma leads to matter

Whoever is untrained

Whoever is unwelcome

Whoever is resolved

Let’s try another viewpoint

Now see it as a sample

Let’s try another structure

Now see it as a point

We have so many words now

Description still unknown

Let’s figure this collision

Let’s now apply a ruler

Let’s have it simplified

We will forget the question

The question’s unimportant

The answer is not needed

All calculations failed

But absence of solutions

Prediction still is solid

We have a better point

To measure means to strangle

Except few other methods

This method also measures

But hard to say exactly 

We still think it will work out

We still think they will play out

We still think we will reach out

Now let’s recall the topic

Apologies for picture

It could be more correct but

This leads us to another

Revealing hidden borders

Let’s hide excess examples

It’s coming from position

And navigates to this part

We see this as a clear one

We plant a seed on crossing

A plant is something fragile

Name something that is fragile

Now take a look again please

Is it made somehow clearer?

That all we ask is nothing

And nothing you provide yet

So dialogue successful

There is no perfect mapping

We’ve reached a full agreement

On points that we raised

On questions that we asked

Eleven hundred million

On terms we have established

From A to B and C then

From C to A through B now

From B to C (exclude A)

Example of the system

Example of the structure

Example of the forming

How should we raise our arrows?

Where should we point our eyes now?

So look at this equation

It seems like pretty clear now

Arrange those dots in order

What order will you choose then?

Is that correct enough yet?

Facilitate ambitions

Transparent walls exploded

Now this is not for real

Now this is unexpected

Now this is controversial

We know it’s controversial

But let’s have closer look now

And closer closer closer

And farther farther farther

And pick a near neighbour

To ask what happened next though

Provide your own description

Fulfill your own spreadsheet now

Connect your inner dots when

Not magic but a trick though

You see this as illusion

But this is an example

Of how you can think of things

Because of this you see this

Rotate around the axis

Because of that you know that

Because of when you know when

Positions so relative

Exceptions so abundant

Inclusions might be working

Dreams come in distinct portions

Big grids are made of segments

Those segments come from points

All points are just nothing

This nothing comes from fear

And fear is made

of nothing

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